Major Causes of Construction Delays

In construction, delays are generally costly because they reduce the figures of annual revenue. They also demonstrate to clients and prospects that a contractor is disorganized and incapable of meeting deadlines. What’s more, liquidated damages can ruin a contractor. This is a contractual penalty that can occur if the delay costs the client money. Here are the major causes of construction delays.

Bad Weather

Bad weather may not cause delays for indoor refurbishment or renovation projects. However, it can be a serious cause of delay for indoor project. Poor weather includes snow or rain. This can leave a contractor behind schedule and even threaten their profit margins.

Shortage of Resources and Budget

Running out of cash presents a bad scenario for a contractor if it happens in the middle of a construction project for which the client has paid. This means the contractor has to dig into their pocket to ensure timely and successful completion of the project. It’s important that managers of construction projects have complete and accurate access to real-time updates and job costing utilities. They should know the financial health of the contractor to ensure that the project does not eat up the available budget.

Overbooked Crews

Some contractors take many projects at a go. This leaves them with overbooked crews that make them fall behind schedule. Exhausted employees can’t do what they are expected to do effectively and successfully. Although it’s good for a contractor to be ambitious, they should understand that everybody has limits. Hiring enough and the right crew can lighten the tasks for everyone and prevent delays. It can also keep the morale of workers high.

Unexpected Changes

Unexpected changes are generally part of construction projects. In some cases, new requirements that are different from what was stated initially emerge. The client can request the client to provide something extra and the client may be unable to decline. This can occasion delays in the completion of the construction project.

Though there are several causes of construction delays, it’s possible to address them with smart processes and tools. Expectations should be managed with the client via open and clear communication on how to process things. The working crew should be trained, efficient and focused on completing the project in a timely manner.