Types of Sustainable Construction

Building practices, construction techniques, and resources are always evolving. One of the major reasons why these aspects of the construction industry are always changing is to enhance energy conservation and sustainability. New sustainable construction methods are always being developed. But, there are two major aspects of sustainable construction that you should know when building a house. These are the used materials and construction methods or techniques. 


A major way to practice sustainable construction is by using the right materials. Currently, the market has lighter, stronger, and more sustainable construction materials. These help in solving many industry problems while making construction practices more sustainable. 

What’s more, sustainable building materials provide the benefit of environmental protection. That’s because they reduce the buildings’ carbon footprint. They also promote a sustainable future and cleaner earth. Additionally, these materials are more efficient and aesthetically appealing. 

Examples of sustainable construction materials include laminated timber, bamboo, and recycled plastic. 

Construction Methods 

Sustainable construction entails more than just the use of the latest materials. It is also about the use of the right construction methods to promote sustainable and renewable efforts. 

Among the most common sustainable building methods include: 

  • Precise cutting of materials to minimize waste 
  • Proper waste management control through practices like waste recycling and separation 
  • Creating green buildings 
  • Proper management of the construction sites to promote the environment 
  • On-site water treatment, food container recycling, and avoiding smoking 
  • Energy conservation 
  • Selecting recycled and sustainable materials 

Some contractors are also prefabricating materials within controlled environments to improve quality and reduce trash. Essentially, different building designers and contractors have their ways of engaging in sustainable construction. Off-site fabrication, lean practices, enhanced on-site maintenance, use of green materials, and landfill avoidance are the main focuses of sustainable construction. Therefore, find out how your contractor intends to engage in sustainable construction when hiring them.