Man on construction site with plans in hand

What Construction Daily Logs Include

Construction daily logs may have a different look depending on the project type. However, Chris over at Glass Dawg which runs one of the biggest glass companies in san antonio shares with us that there are elements that you will find in any construction daily log. Here are some of the most common components of a daily construction logs.

Site Conditions

This is a section of the log that includes information on the weather at the construction site. Such information is crucial because it proves that certain task could or could not be done on certain days. For instance, if it has been raining heavily for three consecutive days, the field is bound to be muddy. Tasks like grading may not be completed on such days even if everybody involved was ready. This can affect the schedule of the project.


This section of the daily log has a list of the number of laborers, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and other professionals present at the construction site. Although their names may not be written down, the information can help in some situations.

Prime Contractor Activities

This section provides description of the work done by the main contractor. Details of the activities are usually brief and unabbreviated.

Subcontractors Activities

This section includes the tasks completed by subcontractors during the day. This section of the daily log can also include the problems encountered by subcontractors and what should be done about them. Using software for construction daily logs, subcontractors can receive and submit updates from the other stakeholders in real-time.


These many include information on accidents, visitors, unsafe or changed conditions, delays, scheduling issues, major deliveries, unsuccessful contact attempts, and sequencing. Extras are also documented in this section of the daily logs.

Other details included in construction daily logs include inspections, tests, memos of discussions and meetings, equipment and materials delivered to the site, problems and delays caused by the property owner, drawings, and photos.

Nevertheless, construction daily logs differ from one project to another. Therefore, familiarize with the daily logs of your construction project to fill them out with the right information.